‘Tis the Season

It feels nothing like the holidays. I think that’s because there isn’t any snow on the ground which is like a trademark for New England winters. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been cold because it has been, and I’m over it. I’m Southeast Asian, dealing with hot climate is in my blood, and I was born in a state known for sunshine. I’m not in my element.

Another downside to cold weather is the dry skin easily because I’m guilty for washing in scorching hot water. I have to apply palm sized amounts of lotion to counter it. Don’t shower in hot water, then, you might think, but between my dad and myself we don’t really turn on the heater. It’s not to save money or anything, we just don’t use it because it’s finicky. Sometimes you have to turn the thermostat to 80 F for it to even simmer, and other times it can sit at 65 and feel like 70. Anyway, a hot shower is a nice reprieve. This is a rust bucket of a house, slapped together to make it onto its last legs like every other house in this city. So, I have no hope for it. As a footnote, I always believe my house spirits understand where I’m coming from. I appreciate their letting us stay with them, and I think they know sturdy foundation for safety.

To combat the Seasonal Affective Disorder and cabin fever, I’ve been hyper-focused on Japanese. I’ve renewed my reasons to take and pass the test. I wasn’t dedicated to the idea for a long time. I mean, it’s not mandatory, but it would open doors to new opportunities. I also got to my bookshelf in terms of clearing things out. The choices to pass things off has gotten easier. I can give books away because I know I’ve read them and enjoyed them. I just have to hope someone can find them useful too. I’m going to put a few of them in the little take-or-leave a book box. Our library hasn’t been accepting books, but I think that’s because they  have no room so I might just toss the books in a thrift store.

I’m slowing down. I can feel it. I’m taking each day in stride. My New Year’s Eve might be a lull, but I’m looking forward to it. I feel so detached to the concept of 2019, but it’s around the corner.

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