All’s Well That Ends Well

I’ll be the first to say I don’t care for New Year’s Resolutions because it almost never works. Instead, I’ve adapted to seeing every day is an opportunity to start a new year, and so far it’s worked a lot better for me.

I’m looking forward to continue the things I’ve started in the latter half of this year. I want to sit down and learn Javascript. I’m going to fill in the gaps I’m sensing in my Japanese from the beginner textbooks and to ensure I take it serious until it’s second nature I’ll give my books away. I’ll improve Korean simultaneously, but at a slower, gentler pace. I think I’ll be able to read Khmer if not understand everything; it’s a start. I’ll work and keep my head down as I save up since my goal is to move because this isn’t forever. I hope I find peace at the center of it all.

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