This Inktober instead of sketching and/or inking as originally intended by the creator I’m going to challenge myself to blog about thirty-one (31) different topics in no particular order. Yup. I wanted to try something different. My original idea was to write drabbles and one-shots, but since NanoWriMo is the month of November I figured I could be all pressed out. I’m an amateur writer. I don’t have a stable foundation to sustain the habit of writing frequently and for days at a time let alone a month or two. So, I had to dial it back and make my goal attainable if I try.

Here are my prompts:

  1. Favorites Lists
  2. Learning to Drive a Stick Shift
  3. What’s in My Bag
  4. Best Free Japanese Language Resources
  5. Tarot
  6. 30 before 30
  7. The Power of Stationary
  8. Instagram You Should Follow
  9. Physical Books vs E-books vs Audiobooks
  10. Self-Love: 10 things I Like About Myself
  11. Don’t Make Your Bed!
  12. An Open Letter
  13. Self-Studying and it’s Benefits
  14. FAQ: All About Soriya
  15. How to Budget for That Big Trip
  16. A Letter to 36-year-old Me
  18. A Past Memory
  19. Fanfiction is Real…?
  20. Nanowrimo Prep: Aidan
  21. The Perfect Outfit
  22. My Mug Collection
  23. TOP 3 Apps
  24. Tubular Tunes
  25. Why I Started Blogging
  26. Interview: My Friend, Natsumi
  27. Review: Libby, an Audiobook and E-book App
  28. Interview: Jerchkin
  29. Happy Birthday to Me
  30. 5 Must-Go Countries
  31. Spooky Halloween

If any seem bizarre, good. I wanted these to be as random and different as possible. The only rule is that I must post. There is no word minimum or maximum.